I am feeling all Christmassy….but it is only October! 😦 The reality of living in a remote place is that you need to be organised! In the last few weeks we have ordered Christmas cards, bought presents for each other and for others. I even added some extras into my grocery shopping list for Christmas when we headed to the supermarket two weeks ago.

Why am i thinking about this so early? Well it often takes up to six weeks for mail to arrive for us. Big boxes and packages can take even longer, especially as the Christmas mail gets crazier… and weather gets bad… so we are planning ahead. We also need time for cards to arrive here, write in them and then hopefully they will make it to you….before Christmas! (Although if you get a Christmas card for Easter, I’m sure you will forgive me.)

There are definite benefits to these mail delays though! My birthday lasted for several months this year, as the cards and goodies kept arriving when i would least expect it. Sam is still getting goodies for his birthday a month ago.

So i am restraining myself from putting on my cds of carols and getting out the tree…but only just! A very early Merry Christmas everyone! Just in case the cards never make it here in time. 🙂