As many of you know, last year we drove from Victoria to Arnhem Land to work with MAF. What a mammoth adventure that was! We loved it. What a great way to prepare yourself for a new role and ministry. One of the things we enjoyed about our travels were the people that we met along the way. As we travelled north we stayed with family, friends and total strangers. We slept in warm comfy beds, on the ground (when our air bed went flat), in homes, hotels, holiday houses and unused farm houses, which enriched our travels, as we got to know many different people better through their hospitality to us.

The nature of missionary work, where financial support needs to be raised, is that a lot of travel is usually involved. We now have churches in four states of Australia who financially support us. We have individuals all over Australia and even the world who partner with us. Having time to visit them all is impossible. But that is why when missionaries are home on leave or preparing to go somewhere to serve there is lots of travel. There are people to meet, churches to visit and family to spend as much time as possible with. MAF offices need to be visited, medical and dental check ups need doing, and some holiday time to recharge the batteries before heading back to work is also needed.

Most of the people we stayed with offered us a bed to sleep in, some yummy food and good conversation. Some shared their washing machines and dryers… a precious thing when you are driving everyday with a baby. One family sent us on our way with packed lunches full of treats for the long day of driving ahead. One place we stayed in was a family’s holiday house. This house is usually only rented out at Christmas, so it can be enjoyed by those who own it for the rest of the year. However, the owners of this house make it available to those in Christian ministry for free. We were so humbled that after a simple phone call to the owners, a family member of ours had secured us the use of this house, across the road from the beach, for the weekend when we needed it.

We were so thankful for all of those people who looked after us for a night. Their hospitality made our travelling so much more enjoyable. We praise God for them.