Use whatever you have to serve God! Ever heard a statement like that before? I had, but it was only when I was reflecting upon our time of partnership development, that I saw what that idea could actually look like. As we prepared to leave, many people blessed us with what they had, or what they were good at. Let me share a few examples…
We stayed overnight with some beekeepers in Queensland for a night. In case you didn’t know, Jason LOVES honey! So he was one happy man when they offered him a tour of their honey making shed and explained all the different processes that were involved in honey production. But their generosity didn’t end there, as we left they gave us a 20kg bucket of honey to take with us. Our car was packed pretty tight, but room was made for the honey and we went on our way. Twelve months later we are still enjoying our honey. I would never have thought that you could use honey to support missionaries.
Another lady we met embroiders fancy edging onto face washers and gives them as gifts to missionaries. A friend of ours sent us on our way north, with a huge box of stewed fruit that she had made, for Sam to eat along the way. A family member who is a lawyer prepared our wills for us. Another home where we stayed gave us a plastic bag full of oranges and mandarins to eat from their tree. A family member who hates having heavy coins in their wallet gave us a plastic container full of coins as a farewell gift. The money inside paid for parking, washing machine usage, phone calls, ice creams, and other out of the ordinary expenses all the way to Cairns. It was our fun money at a time when we needed to be closely sticking to a budget.
At a church in Queensland, the members presented us with a welcome gift. When we opened it up there was a handmade patchwork bathmat inside. One of the older ladies within their church loves to sew and makes these for any new people or visitors to their church.
Our God is a creative God! And through being blessed in these varied ways, we were able to see the diversity, creativity and generosity of the Church. It really encouraged me that eventhough we are all different, God can use each one of us, with the skills He has given us, to bless and encourage other people. We praise God every time we see the honey bucket, face washers and bathmat!