This blog is coming to you from Gove… just a little change from our usual location. Last Tuesday our plane needed its turn for regular maintainence. Two days of the engineers pulling the plane apart, checking all the bits and putting it back together. (Well that’s the non technical girl’s view on things.) Almost at the last minute, Sam and I decided to jump onboard and come to town too. For me (Kim) the deciding factor was the ability to see a doctor.
Many of you know that I have been ill for a lot of the time we have been in Numbulwar. On one hand I am encouraged that I am catching whatever bug is currently plaguing the town, it means I am in touch with what’s popular in town right? But on the other hand it is annoying when I am unable to get to playgroup or do things around home because I am sick. The annoying thing has been that it hasn’t just been one set of symptoms bothering me. I’ve had gastro and colds and sore throats and staf infections and infected bites and headaches and nausea and tummy bugs and others that you really just don’t need to know about! I tried to get it checked out in Numbulwar at the clinic but the rotation of doctors means that there was no consistency or follow up. So to Gove we came.
I was glad for the chance to see a doctor, but also glad for a chance to swim in the pool, eat out and see friends. Wednesday and Thursday were jam packed days of swimming, eating out and seeing people. The doctor listened to me and ordered tests of almost every bodily fluid possible. The only problem was that he was pretty adamant that I needed to stay in Gove till the results came back, which would take at least a week! Apparently from Gove pathology gets sent to Perth for analysis.
So, a week in Gove. The downside was that Jason would need to go back to Numbulwar as the plane was up here. So it would be Sam and I, unless I felt horrible and needed Jason back… then MAF would make that happen for us. In my mind I tried to be positive and plan a week of coffees, swimming and yummy foods that you can’t get at Numbulwar. I was approaching the week as a holiday… a time for fun. Well things didn’t exactly turn out that way… Saturday evening took me to the emergency department of the hospital as some bites I had gotten on my legs had turned gross and infected in 12 hours.
I was feeling really unwell and could not walk without limping. Antibiotics were prescribed. Wounds dressed. Orders to elevate both legs as much as possible and come back on Monday.
Monday’s check found cellulitis in both legs and more bites. IV drip catheter put in (after I sat and drank 3 bottles of water so they had a minimal chance of finding a vein) stronger antiobiotics via a drip in the crook of my arm, near my elbow, swabs of the goobies taken, more dressings…. Come back tomorrow. Oh yes, and by the way, your arm with the catheter in it…. Keep it perfectly straight! (Hmmmm how does that work with a 2 year old who needs nappy changes?) So back to the Zuglian family’s house for lunch, home for a nap, back to Zuglians for the afternoon and dinner. Maria and Fabio Zuglian were the MAF family in Numbulwar before us. I knew them at BCV and Maria has been my chauffeur, Sam’s nanny and sanity this week. A very sleepless night for Sam and i – it is hard to fall asleep when you are making sure that both legs are elevated and your arm is perfectly straight. Slept in my clothes. Too hard to get undressed!

Tuesday, back to the hospital again. More IV drugs. More dressing. Catheter out! Jason comes to Gove to stay until we all go home. Finally some fun with three other MAF families as we had a bbq, toffee apples and sparklers as a belated aussie-fied Guy Fawkes Day with our English colleagues.
Wednesday… back to the hospital again. Doctor check this time. Different meds this time. Another swab. But no need to return as things are looking better! Yeah!
Sorry I have no photos to make this blog interesting. But I did want to let people know what was happening. If you are one who prays, could you pray for the doctor’s appointment on Friday when we should hopefully have all the results to the original tests. These infected bites, rather than being the cause of what is going on, seem just to be another example of how weak my immune system seems to be at the moment.
The last few days have been tough. Not the relaxing holiday I was preparing myself for. But so thankful for friends who jump in when you need it. They fed me, babysit Sam and made the burden so much easier to bear. Looking forward to my hospital free day tomorrow.