Thanks for all the comments, prayers, texts and email you have sent our way in recent weeks. We do appreciate them, even if we haven’t replied yet! We all came back to Numbulwar on Tuesday and it is lovely to be home. Jason has been flying lots, as Rachel has been doing very long days while we were in Gove. Sam and i have been re-acquainting ourselves with our home, routines and rules. (Yes the stereo, tv, kitchen cupboards etc are all still not for you to play with Sam!) It has got hot here now, so we are enjoying the air con most days. Temperature is about 26 degrees when we wake up in the morning now and by about 11 am it is about 31 degrees in the house! Don’t know how hot it is in the sun…but too hot to do much!

I am feeling a little better with the new medication dosage, but need to get more tests done in a few weeks to check things out more. Also logging all my headaches to see if there are any patterns to emerge… thankfully they have decreased somewhat.
Thanks for sharing this journey with us.