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In late November we had a lovely visit from some MAF friends. You might remember that   there is regular flight from Nhulunbuy to Numbulwar twice a week that brings passengers, mail for the town, pathology and our personal mail. One of the luxuries of this regular service is that we can have visitors for the day because of these flights. Quite often official MAF visitors might come down in the morning, have lunch with us, have a look around and then fly back to Nhulunbuy in the afternoon. This allows them to see what life in a community looks like, have two rides in the plane and meet some of the people that MAF works with here in Arnhem Land.

The Koch family are Dutch Kiwis who trained with us in Cairns for flying here in Arnhem Land. So we got to know them well in the 6+ weeks we were in Cairns. Eric is a pilot and Adrianna home-schools their five kids. Their youngest Ruben, is just a little older than Sam. They lived just down the road from us when we were in Yirrkala too.

Adrianna has wanted to visit us for some time, but the last time she tried bad weather set in and she spent the morning at the airport with fellow passengers waiting to see if the weather would improve. It didn’t. Naomi, their eldest daughter came down to visit earlier in the year when Eric was flying down here, which was a fun day.

Thankfully this time the weather was more cooperative and Adrianna and Ruben were able to come down and spend the day with us. They had a quick tour around town and then came to our house. Adrianna had come prepared to spoil us! She brought us a meal for dinner (which actually lasted us two nights and several lunches) and some yummy cake for morning tea. I got to sit on the couch and read the local newspaper from Nhulunbuy while she read stories, made cookies and played balloon games with Ruben and Sam. What a treat!

cooking adrianna and boys cooking 2

It was lovely to have another mum to chat to for a while and for Sam to have another little boy his own age to play with.  The MAF ladies who live in town bless those of us in communities in so many ways. They help us with shopping, offer us meals and a place to stay when we’re in town, pray for us and a million other little things we need help with. On this day we were blessed by a time of fellowship with a good friend and some lovely treats. We are so grateful for friends within MAF who encourage us and spoil us.

all of us touring town helping boys

The Koch family are leaving Arnhem Land soon for the next thing that God has in store for them. It is sad not to be able to say goodbye in person, as we will not be in town before they leave. But we are so grateful for their friendship over the last couple of years and will miss them lots.

God bless you Eric, Adrianna, Naomi, Aron, Hannah, Lois and Ruben!