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IMG_8523Last weekend we entered a new stage of our home improvements. Jason has been doing little bits ever since we moved in replacing fly screens, pruning trees in the garden and other bits that needed some care. Round 2 of home improvements came when my Mum and her hubby visited in September. Mum helped hem and hang new curtains in our lounge room. I made curtains for some shelves and chair covers for our chairs. (White just isn’t a practical colour living here and having a toddler.) Jim was able to do lots of jobs too. He moved shelves, put up noticeboards, and helped Jason rebuild the garage from damage caused by the munching termites.

P1010347  P1010342 So now it is time for painting! We ordered paint several months ago and it has been waiting for us to get the energy to use it. Well last week Jason decided it was time and spent an afternoon sugar soaping walls so he could paint them. It had been a quiet week for flying, so he still had lots of energy to use up after sitting in the office all day. We dismantled our lounge room so the painting could begin… but we realised it looked a lot more yellow than we’d planned. More painting…. Hmmm it’s very yellow! Double check the paint tin…. Hmmm not quite the colour we had ordered, but too late now! As it dried the yellow paled a little. Jason has got used to it. Kim loves it! But we discovered that painting with a two year old running around doesn’t work. It also doesn’t work if we try to keep him in one room while Daddy paints in the other. Even Mum’s most exciting games, toys or craft activities don’t compare with a barricade that is keeping Sam from ‘helping’ Daddy. Needless to say, after Sam went to bed on Saturday night we went on a painting frenzy and completed a lot of the kitchen and lounge room.

There is still lots to do and it will take quite some time to complete… but we’re making progress. We’ll keep painting bit by bit and then it will be time to tackle the bathroom.  We have a new shower, a new vanity, basin, and toilet all waiting in our garage for future episodes of home improvement.