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This week has been a little of a rollercoaster, with some major ups and downs…

Last Friday evening we began a Bible study group at our home. We are looking at the book of Colossians and five of us we able to study, question and pray together. What an encouragement and blessing to meet in unity with other Christians in Numbulwar and together study God’s word. There are already several Bible studies operating in Kriol for the locals here, this group  is seeking to unite the non indigenous Christians in Numbulwar by learning together.

The weekend passed with both Jason and I feeling a little out of sorts and grumpy. No reasons we could identify really… we just felt off!

Monday came and as Jason headed off to fly, Sam and I went to playgroup. What an encouragement to arrive at playgroup and find mums and kids already there waiting for us! It was a busy morning with playdough, toys and crafts. There were some new mums and kids to meet. It was lovely to catch up with a mum who has been away for awhile as her son has needed medical care in Darwin. We danced and sang as a group. I read a story as the mums translated the story into Kriol for their kids. There is some tension happening between local playgroup staff at the moment and I feel caught in the middle. The reality of only having minimal language and only a shallow understanding of the ways of their culture makes me feel useless and out of my depth.

Monday night I was able to skype chat with another MAF wife here in Arnhem Land. We do this each week to vent, seek advice and pray for each other. What a blessing she is.

Wednesday was another tricky day at playgroup for a multitude of reasons. I came home exhausted, frustrated and questioning my usefulness in this role. But in the evening  we were able to Skype with a small group from our home church who have adopted us. It was such an encouragement to chat about our lives and theirs, see their familiar faces, hear about their kids and be prayed for.

Mail arrived yesterday! Yipee! Fruit and veggies from Gove, packages from my Mum for Sam, chocolate muffins from a friend in Gove… I love mail days! But last evening we had a rock thrown through the window of our car. It happened in broad daylight and the car was parked in our carport right next to our house. The same thing has happened to the MAF car when it was parked in our driveway in the past… but this feels a lot more personal, because it’s our car and near our home. It is quite likely that it was just a random act, as many people walk along the side of our house each day. But for me, I am needing to try hard to mentally fight against thoughts of discouragement and feelings of being unwanted.

Playgroup today was a good day! Two staff were there before me and we worked together to do all the paper work and plan for next week. I love days like this. Sam and I then went and chatted with Rachel (other MAF pilot) in the office. We love working with her. We were to plan a little more for an Easter outreach here in Numbulwar and discuss restocking our supplies of DVDs, CDs and Bibles we have for sale in the office and here in our home.

This is just my ups and downs of the week. Jason has had his own challenges and joys to add into the mix too. We do love life in Numbulwar but some weeks are just more challenging than others.