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Reflections on our first year in Numbulwar.

Kim’s Top Ten Favourite Things in Numbulwar. Not in any order!

  1. Our view. I love living near the sea. I love the constancy of it and the yet the extreme changes in it. I love the vast sandbars of low tide and the surf like waves during a storm.IMG_8519
  2. The sunrise. This is the only house I have ever lived in, where you can lean over and pull back the curtains to watch the sunrise. I still hate being awake that early in the morning, but what an amazing view. It kick starts my day with praise of our Creator every time.P1010368
  3. Numbulwar kids are great! They are so cute, curious and cheeky. I love to spend time with them and see them playing with Sam. Toddlers that now call me by name and wave to me in the street. Babies that want me to pick them up. Kids who visit our garden to play on the swings or talk to us.IMG_1346
  4. Frangipani trees. When moved up to Arnhem Land I longed for a frangipani tree in my garden. The flowers are beautiful and smell sooo good. We have two frangipani trees in our yard. I love them.

    Our frangipani tree in bloom

    Our frangipani tree in bloom

  5. Ruth and Rachel. It such a blessing to have colleagues to work with that encourage you, make you laugh and pray for you in your struggles.P1010247IMG_8484
  6. Our place in town. Not only do we have one of the best views possible, but I love living in the middle of town. I love that it is just a short stroll to the clinic, school, shop, church and Jason’s office. It is in the walks to those places that we often meet and chat with many people here in Numbulwar. The small town feel of Numbulwar means that everyone knows us and we are slowly getting to know them.Numbulwar aerial
  7. Playgroup! I love that my job here gives me the opportunity to get to know so many local mums, grandmas, aunties and kids here in Numbulwar. It is the perfect spot for me. IMG_1196
  8. The Church. There is an Anglican church here in Numbulwar that meets just outside our bedroom window. They meet most evenings of the week from about 8.30pm for a few hours. We have been blessed by the way these people have welcomed us and befriended us this year.

    Communion on Good Friday

    Communion on Good Friday

  9. I love that Jason doesn’t fly every day. One of the treats of being here in Numbulwar is that on his office days Jason can come home for lunch, or we can go and visit him in the office during the day.

    "Hello MAF Numbulwar, Sam speaking"

    “Hello MAF Numbulwar, Sam speaking”

  10. I am a part of MAF here in Numbulwar. When we were in Yirrkala, Jason would be gone for many hours each day and his work wasn’t connected at all with me. Here I am recognised as being part of the MAF team too. Planes fly overhead. Jason calls me for weather briefings. People knock on the door asking about booking a flight. School staff have stopped me on the treat to ask about sending some freight on the plane. I love that!cc8small