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What’s your favourite type of holiday?

Do you like to head off to some luxurious place to be pampered in every way?

Are you wanting a break from the mundane every day life so go off to seek adventure and challenges?

Do you just want to collapse on your couch, watching movies and reading books, in your pjs for most of the day?

It’s interesting to reflect upon what you crave from a holiday. At different times in my life I have longed for each of the types of holidays mentioned above. As a teenager I dreamed of venturing off to Africa to see the world. When I worked in Ethiopia, I loved days spent beside the pool at the Hilton hotel, drinking soft drinks while lying on a banana lounge. Once I started teaching, I needed a relaxing holiday of books, movies and Gilmore Girls for the first few days to recover from the busyness of the term.

We’ve just had a week’s holiday in Gove.P1010437 A week of swimming in the town pool, eating out and visiting with friends. P1010522Jason and I got to go out for dinner alone, for the first time in 15 months, while friends babysat Sam. P1010481We loved being able to go to the bakery for morning tea. It was luxurious to choose when we wanted to go grocery shopping, and stop when we were sick of it. (Often trips to town means that a three month shop needs to be done quickly, which is stressful for us all.) We went to church, sang hymns in English and could understand the sermon for the first time in three months. Jason went fishing and leisurely lingered in the fishing shop. Kim enjoyed the freedom to wear trousers and revelled in being able to wander alone through the shops for an afternoon, while the boys swam. P1010489We watched new dvds lent to us by friends. Sam played with different toys and other kids who look like him.P1010490 P1010467 We visited garage sales and the op shop. Muffins, yoghurt, fresh fruit and salad vegetables were all eaten daily. It was a lovely break.

As we spent our week in Gove many people laughed at the fact that we had come there for a break. You see, Gove is a remote town. It is an 11 hour drive from a major town or a flight of two hours. If it wasn’t for the mine based there, this town wouldn’t exist. It has two supermarkets, a post office, a pool, a public library and a few other shops. For many people, Gove is as remote as a town could possibly be. People who live there miss the luxuries of big cities. We certainly did when we lived there. But they don’t realise that there are places a lot more isolated and remote than Gove, like Numbulwar.  It’s all a matter of perspective isn’t it? While many of the people we spoke to, were focused upon all that Gove lacked… we were enjoying all that it does have.