DSC_0174 DSC_0179After just living through six months of “build up” weather, which means weather in the high 30s all day, 30 degrees overnight, humidity and no wind…. The dry season has arrived.

For the past few days the day time temperature has been down at a low and lovely 22 -23 degrees.

We have aired out our quilts, doonas and winter clothes  and remade our beds to include a quilts or doona. Sam is waking up at 5am every morning cold, even with flannel pjs and socks on. Our little man isn’t yet used to sleeping with coverings on him all night. The long sleeves and long pants have found their way out of vaccumm sealed bags, to be washed for use. The slippers and ugg boots are getting some use again. The fans are off and windows are open for the sea breeze to blow in.

I love this weather.

As we meet people around town, everyone comments on how cold it is. Flannel shirts have become a common sight, often worn with jeans for the men, and patterned skirts for the women. I have seen beanies, dressing gowns and snow jackets all being worn to keep people warm.