Our life at the moment feels a little like being in limbo… in many ways life goes on as normal here in Numbulwar. Jason keeps catching big fish. Sam is learning new tricks on the swings, like swinging standing up and upside down. Kim is devouring her new books. Friends drop by and we have snacks and chat. Jason continues to fly people around the area. Plans are being made for a visit from the Flying bible Man and some CWCI ladies in the months ahead. School holidays are nearly over so soon Sam and Kim will be back at playgroup again. Bible study continues on Friday evenings. The weather is still cool and sooooooooo lovely.

P1020275But we are also in the midst of change. The last few weeks have been spent in making initial plans but also grieving for the changes ahead. There was never any guarantee about how long we would spend in Numbulwar, but we had hoped that it would be for several years. So the sudden change in those plans means that there are hopes and plans that we had for our lives and friends here that we need to let go of.

We are busy planning for our time down south. But that too takes brain power, how do we show our life, our friends and their lives, and such a different culture, to our loved ones, friends and churches? Although sorting through photos, reminiscing and reflecting is helping the process of letting go.

We are doing lots of emails and phone calls. Booking accommodation, plane flights, leave requirements, speaking engagements.

We are making endless lists. At the moment it is still too early to pack much as we still need our stuff to sleep on, eat from and toys to play with. But the lists are beginning… what will be transported in our car when we drive out, what can go on the plane early, what can fit and not fit into 44 gallon drums and so on…. Every time a plane is heading to Gove, only about once each week at the moment, we run around the house madly trying to find things that can be moved up north early… it is getting trickier to find non essentials now.

So forgive us if our updates aren’t as frequent at the moment… as we seek to live fully in the time we have left here, making the most of every opportunity we have, … but at the same time, reflecting upon the past two years and all that life has held for us… and also planning for the future…