P1020390 P1020393 P1020396 P1020397 P1020400 P1020403 P1020412 P1020418 P1020424Yesterday was a celebration day. Rachel, our fellow MAF pilot here in Numbulwar, was having a birthday! We planned to have a picnic lunch after church down by the beach. On Friday evening during Bible study we discovered that it was also Roger’s birthday on Saturday, so the picnic became a double celebration.

After some minor hiccups with the cake running out of the tin and all through my recently cleaned oven… Food was cooked. Jason was master of decorations. And time to eat, relax and celebrate friends.

With a sea breeze blowing we couldn’t manage to light the candles on the cake… so our birthday stars just pretended! Hence why Sam is looking a little confused in the photo.

Days like this, with friends are precious and so much fun.