Last Tuesday we had two lovely ladies from CWCI (Christian Women Communicating International) come to visit. Rose and Lisa were on one of the many safari trips that women from this organisation make into remote areas of Australia to try and show God’s love to those who may not know Him and bless the believers in these communities.


We decided to have a special afternoon with the Numbulwar church ladies to coincide with the CWCI ladies visit. Rachel and I had planned some special treats for the ladies here who have been such a blessing to us in our time in Numbulwar. We assembled some goody bags, prepared some afternoon tea treats, drinks and sent out invitations. The ladies from church were also very keen to do a dance or two for our guests, and had been practising lots on the previous day for it. The CWCI ladies arrived Tuesday morning, so we had lunch and started scheming for the afternoon’s adventures. Rose had prepared some talks before her trip, so we made a plan including introductions, a talk, scripture reading, children’s talk, and prayer. Rose and Lisa also brought with them a craft activity that the church ladies could make.


The afternoon went really well. Peter, the church pastor rang the bell an hour early to get people to come. He told us he had seen some ladies going out fishing and wanted to remind them about the meeting so they wouldn’t miss it. We had about twenty ladies, ten kids, three men and a large number of dogs that came. Rose shared about the intricacies of a piece of indigenous art, using it as a metaphor for how intimately God knows each of us. Lisa kept the kids entertained with stories and colouring activities. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon tea and a chance to be together and worship God in song. Jason was looking after Sam (and cooking a roast for tea for us and our guests) so it was lovely to be able to cuddle a few babies and chat to the church ladies as they made their crafty cards.


As we come closer to our time of leaving Numbulwar, I am so thankful for these brothers and sisters in the church here who have been our encouragers, friends, and cultural informants as we have lived these days in this place. I am not looking forward to the goodbyes, but we hope that from this afternoon, the ladies were blessed, encouraged and felt a little bit appreciated by us.