Approximately three times each week we head across the road to the school for playgroup.

It is a great time for Sam to spend time with other kids. My mother’s heart was so excited last week to see him playing a game with another little boy, where they were both having fun and enjoying themselves. With cultural and language barriers, Sam’s attempts to be friendly with other kids aren’t always successful. So it is exciting to see these moments of success. Who knew a game of pretending to be a crocodile and chasing each other could bring so much joy!

I have a behind the scenes role on the staff of playgroup, encouraging and helping the indigenous ladies as they need it. This can mean setting up the activities, fixing a malfunctioning computer and helping with the program for the day. Playgroup has been a great way for Sam and I to get to know other ladies and kids in Numbulwar. It has also helped us to learn small bits of language and ask questions about cultural things. Because I am often the person behind the camera, I realised that we have very few photos of me at playgroup. So while our CWCI guests were visiting I asked them to be official photographer for a morning. Here’s some of the results….