We now have a week left in Numbulwar… we think! The plan is for Rachel, Kim and Sam to fly out to Gove next Tuesday afternoon, while Jason drives the car out in the following days. But with all things up here, those plans are being held onto loosely right now as wait to see when Old Man’s funeral will be held. It is not unusual for funerals to be held weeks or months after the person has died, so with only a week to go we are hoping that this funeral might happen a little earlier so that we can be part of honouring him and praising God for his life.

Wednesday, Tomorrow is the school’s sports day, which the playgroup has been invited to, so that will be a day of fun. Rachel will be flying.

Thursday will be a normal day of packing and cleaning. Jason is flying.

Friday will be Kim and Sam’s last playgroup day of staff planning and administration. Jason will be flying. Time for a farewell dinner with our Bible Study group. This is MAF Numbulwar’s last day of flights.

Saturday – Our last Saturday in Numbulwar. A day off perhaps? Fishing will be on the agenda I am sure.

Sunday – Our last church services here in Numbulwar. On this evening we would like to hold a farewell movie night for the town with some colouring books and other resources to give away for the children. We still need to find out if this is culturally appropriate in a time of mourning. The church people are happy with us to have it, but not sure about other community leaders.

Monday – Sam’s 3rd Birthday! Our last playgroup time, so perhaps a little party for us all. But it could possibly be the day for Old Man’s funeral too.

Tuesday – Dean (One of the bosses from MAF in Gove) and Rob (our next door neighbour from Yirrkala) will fly down to Numbulwar. Dean will make decisions about what furniture will be taken back to Gove and what will remain here. The men will load a shipping container with furniture for Gove. In the afternoon, Rachel, Sam and Kim will say goodbye and fly to Gove with Dean. Jason and Rob will follow on Wednesday or Thursday, driving our car and the MAF car to Gove, with a little fishing and hunting along the way perhaps.

As you can see, we have a busy week ahead. These plans may all change depending upon the decisions that are made about funeral plans. Our flights to Cairns are booked for the following week, so we can stay a little longer if we need to, without too much stress.

Please pray that we would end our time here well. There are so many goodbyes to be said and lots of cleaning and packing still to do.