Do you like change? I know many people do, but i’m not one of them.

Some change is necessary, like changing your underwear or socks. I like change in some things, like the flavour of cordial we have, or what to eat or for dinner each night. But the older i get, the more I am not a fan of major changes. Those big ones, that impact upon your location, roles, family or friends?

At the moment, our lives are in a tidal wave of change. Our lovely team of three MAF families here on Elcho Island is changing. One family left today for two months of relaxation, training and to give birth to the newest member of their family. But they needed to move all of their belongings into another house first. The other family, leaves in less than a month to take on a new role with MAF in Cairns, after 8 years here on the island. BIG changes!

This week, Sam wanted to know why we didn’t have boxes in our house too! A reflection on how the houses of our friends have looked as they prepare to leave, that was very noticeable to Mr nearly 4. So we’ve had to chat lots with him about the changes ahead too.

The biggest emotion for me at the moment is relief that this time it is not me moving! After all, it was just this time let year we were saying goodbye to Numbulwar, I am not ready to move again yet…

Followed closely by a sweet combination of thankfulness and sadness as the changes to our Elcho team is hard! I like this group of people as colleagues, team mates and friends. We worked well together, supported each other well and celebrated together the victories and sadnesses that have been part of this past eight months.

So with the personnel changes, come role changes too. Jason is taking on the role of base manager, which means more responsibility, new things to learn and try and absorb as much knowledge from our team mates before they leave as he can. Who are the passengers we can trust to pay for the flight after it happened? And who will never ever pay for it? Who do we ask to move fuel tanks to the airport for us? Who do we ask if we want to go and visit this beach or that location? Jason’s role of base manager will mean more hospitality for me. Visitors, fill in pilots and many more people find their way onto the island for short visits or longer stays, so it will be part of my role to make sure they are looked after, even if i don’t do all the accommodating or feeding of them myself.

But there is more possible change ahead … when we joined MAF we signed a four year contract, which ends September 2015. Just a year away! So that decision too has got us thinking praying and considering the future… and the possibility or not, of more change… A big factor in that decision is Sam and school. Sam will turn five, next September which means he will start school in 2016. What should we do about that?

So… change! It is a big part of life isn’t it. So if you would like to pray with us and for us in this current season of changes, we would be very grateful!