This is Charley! P1040892He is the MAF staff member who keeps many of us sane as he fixes problems in our homes, arranges for much needed housing supplies and renovations where needed. Many of the MAF houses are on the older side and they break down just like cars and people do. This house has been relatively free from problems, until a few months ago when Charley came to visit the island. He was here doing some work at another house when our problems began… with a washing machine that stopped working mid cycle. Washing machines, like most appliances are difficult to come by on remote northern territory islands. MAF keeps one or two extras for these types of emergencies… and lucky they do. Charley was able to call in to our home, pull the machine apart and see that none of the simple solutions to broken washing machines were going to work on this particular machine and arranged for another to come our way. The new machine, was in fact sitting in the MAF office at the airport, waiting to go back to Gove! The very one in fact that had been our washing machine in Numbulwar! So that came into our laundry and our broken one headed onto the next available MAF plane heading for Gove, to be repaired and reused in another friendly MAF home, meanwhile we welcomed our old washing machine back into the family.
Then this week as we arranged for Charley to visit the island again, our house decided to play up again. Several days before his arrival we were all inside preparing for dinner when we heard water gushing. A pipe out the front had come undone from the tap and was leaking madly. Jason turned the water off and was able to temporarily reattach the tap. We slept uneventfully that night but the next morning it came loose again, only to be fixed again. The next night, at 4.30 am we awoke to a loud bang and again the sound of rushing water, out the back of our house this time. Jason didn’t bother to fix it at the time but simply disconnected the water until daylight could assist him in solving the problem. This time it was a pipe out the back near our hot water heater that had come free. Earlier in the week, some plumbers employed by the local government arrived unannounced and changed the water meter for our house, and we think perhaps in doing so the water pressure has changed causing these problems. Or perhaps the rats that we are attempting to eliminate, who live under the house, could be tap dancing a little too much on these pipes. Thankfully Charley was nearby. He was able to change the fittings on the two pipes (that he found somewhere in his magic tool bag) that caused us problems, as the thread was eroded. Since then we have been problem free.
Charley was also was able to fix a leaking toilet, look at a place where the water gushes out of the wall when we use the bath taps and give Jason some advice on other handy man projects for the near future. Our house is NOT falling apart, although these scenarios may make it appear this way, but rather the problems with it seem to arrive just prior to Charley’s visits and for that we are very grateful. We are so grateful to MAF and God, for sending him here to take care of these types of issues for us. We are grateful too to his family, who lend him to us, and endure him being away from home for several days so that he can visit the communities to look after our homes and fittings. We have said before that most things are more complicated and more expensive because of our remote location. Praise God we have Charley to see to these things for us.