We’ve been a little quiet recently as we have just spent a month in Victoria on holidays! We had saved up our leave so we could have a whole month to spend with our families and then a Great Ocean Road holiday. Highlights of our holidays were feeling cold! Completing a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle in two days. Spending time with family. The zoo. The museum. A trip on a sailing boat where Jason got to help and climb the rigging. Jason and Sam got to see the 12 Apostles for the first time. Playgrounds. Bakeries. Parks. Hope you had an enjoyable start to 2015.

We are home now and back into normal life… Jason sweated through two shirts yesterday at work. The barge has not arrived so no fresh goods in the shop. Jason flew a plane load of bread into Galiwin’ku yesterday, so that there is at least bread to buy from the shop. But our meals have been “interesting” for the last few days, lots of frozen veg being eaten here this week. Everything is so green, especially in contrast to Western Victoria. The grass will need chopping soon. It was lovely going to sleep without air conditioning, and with the rain pouring down last night. Dora (our dog) still greets us very enthusiastically every time we leave the house. I think she missed us. Holidays are great, but it is nice to be home.