Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement while Cyclone Nathan was in the area.
Cyclone Nathan passed over Nhulunbuy appearing like a bad Melbourne storm. Lots of wind, but not a lot of rain.
But ever since then it has rained non stop, day and night. Planes have been unable to fly since Saturday.

News from Elcho Island is that again the community escaped without death or injury. There is however, quite a lot of water damage and other mess to be cleaned up again. The MAF office has had substantial water damage also.

Jason needs to fly a plane to Darwin for maintenance this week, so we are hoping that the remnant of the cyclone will pass so that he is able to do this safely in good weather. Kim and Sam will remain in Nhulunbuy while Jason is away.

Thanks for your prayers and support in this time.
Jason, Kim and Sam.