Welcome to a new series of blogs based around our life and work in Dili in Timor Leste.

Moving to a new country means many changes in how we live each day, the work that we do and how relationships are built. We have been here for just a week now and are still adapting to the sights, smells, sounds and feelings of this new place. I (Kim) are having many flashbacks to life in Ethiopia. Jason refers often to Malaysia, where we honeymooned together and occasionally Mexico, but for Sam our five year old everything is new.

It has been an interesting parenting week as we walk through his time of transition alongside Sam. New sights for him have included a man riding a motorbike one handed while carrying a chicken, people traveling in the back of utes and trucks and a man who had suffered from polio crawling along the street. Smells, are something he frequently comments on, stinky gutters fllled with rubbish and water, fresh produce like bananas and the neighbours meal cooking on the fire. “Can we go to their house and eat?” he asks often. Each place has it’s own soundtrack and the one for our home includes roosters, the neighbour’s pigs and dogs, a goat in the distance, some Timorese music which we quite like and Squeaky the cat (current Landlord) serenading us through our bedroom window. Eating out is amazingly cheap here, so we have eaten a few meals out already. Sam has been pretty good at trying new things and is a big fan of the tomatoes here. He rarely touched one in Arnhem Land without a small battle.

Relearning how to greet people, buy groceries, dispose of rubbish and access water are just a few of the lessons we’ve had to learn this week.