The roads in Timor-Leste are a constant source of laughter and interest as we see vehicles of various types travelling around. The vehicles we notice, may partly be due our recent arrival from Arnhem Land, where Sam would get excited each time he saw the ambulance or fire truck. For him heading into Nhulunbuy with lots of cars, buses and mining trucks was still a source of delight for him. So Dili streets are sensory overload for all of us, but especially Sam.

Let us show you some of the sights we have seen as we drive around our new home land.

Yellow taxis. Sam is begging for a ride in one. I’m sure he’ll get a chance, but it hasn’t happened just yet.

taxis small

Trucks, buses and microlets (taxis that run along a set route, like our buses, but van size) are all highly decorated. Sam loved this Batman style truck!

batman truck small


monster truck small

microlet small

Motorbikes are everywhere here! Most carry two or more people. The current record we have seen is five people. Sam’s favourite was the man holding the rooster as he rode along. We love the creative vehicles we see like motorbike with a trailer that people use to sell products from. MAF Timor-Leste has a work motorbike, so Jason has been enjoying using that to get to work on some days. He has missed riding a motorbike. Sam has been for one ride with Daddy around the block, and loved it. So now that we have a helmet for him, a few longer adventures may be in order.


beach road small

bike and trailer small

Jason sam motorbike small
People riding on top of vehicles have also been a source of some amusement as we travel around Dili. Trucks and utes with their trays full of people are quite a common sight and some have a specific job up there, such as propping up power lines to allow the truck to pass underneath, often with metal poles! On Saturday as we headed up the mountain to Dare we saw these interesting trucks and passengers.
truck with ppl small

men on water truck small


truck and ute small