We’ve been wanting for awhile to do a post about our home here in Dili! But we haven’t got around to it until today! We had plans to make it a “Where’s Wally?” type post with Sam hiding in each picture, but that idea lasted about two photos until Mr 5 decided it wasn’t fun anymore!

So here’s our new home…. The view from the front gate…

House Photos001

Squeaky the cat and current vice landlord.

House Photos002

The mini market at the end of the drive way, where we can buy fresh produce every now and then.

House Photos003

The living area! Yes we are into the Christmas spirit already, the stockings came with us from Arnhem Land.

House Photos004

The spare room! Just waiting for visitors!
House Photos008

The dining room – Where’s Sam?

House Photos009

The front porch, with outdoor setting where i can do emails while Sam plays. And the MAF ute!

House Photos010Our room.
House Photos012Sam hard at work at his desk in his room. He loves the desk and all the places to hide treasures. Some of his crafty work and school work on the walls, including a poster learning days of the week in two languages.
House Photos014

The laundry. We found the fridge was forever being opened to get water bottles out and half the space was being used up by water containers so we bought one of these water coolers. Such a great idea and Sam loves getting his own drinks.

House Photos015

The side of the house. There is a water tank on the roof, lots of potted plants and lots of rocks!
House Photos017

The kitchen… oops sorry about the dirty dishes! Should have done them before taking a photo.

House Photos018

The bathroom, which is a big shower room. Have to remember to put the toilet lid down before showering, otherwise wet bottoms occur later on.

House Photos019

Our front door! A red door, perfect for a Christmas wreath.

House Photos020

The front yard with the swing.

House Photos021The neighbour’s house where Sam spends a lot of time with the kids. They are our landlords and run a small shop out of the side of their house.
House Photos023In comparison to our house, here’s how others in Timor-Leste live…

House Photos004

House Photos002 House Photos003 House Photos001