To go shopping (see photo) i guess this chicken wanted to buy a dress, as it ran across the road in front of our car and into the dress shop.


Chickens are everywhere here in Timor-Leste. We often have a few from the neighbours in our yard and it is fun to watch them running around outside our house, avoiding traffic, people and other random things.
Not long after we arrived we started keeping a list of all the reasons we’ve seen a chicken cross the road, so here’s a few! Unfortunately, we don’t have photos of them all, we just aren’t quick enough… and the neighbours find it a little odd when i sit in our driveway photographing chickens all day!
To avoid the motorbike, the taxi, the car, the garbage truck, the scooter, the men selling stuff from the carts.
Because it was being chased by a goat, a cat, a dog, a pig, another chicken or a rooster.
To get out of Sam’s way, to avoid people and kids generally, especially when they have balls, bikes or frisbees in their hands.
To chase a rat…. ewww but true! The chicken last week was chasing away a rat in our yard and it crossed the road to do it!