Today we visited the Tais Market. Tais is a form of weaving, traditional to Timor-Leste, which creates beautiful strips of coloured fabric. This fabric is often used for clothing, decoration and for use in the home. We always realise we should take more photos, after we’ve been somewhere! Sorry!


But it was fun to sit and chat with a lady who was weaving in one of the stalls. She showed us how it was done and showed Sam what all the pieces of wood were for. It looks like a long and slow process to weave these fabrics. The lady was working on a custom order, which involved weaving someone’s name into the centre of the design. The end product is relatively cheap for the amount of time and effort that goes into making it, so Jason had to resist the urge to bargain and haggle too much.

We bought the tais below from her, and we plan to use it when it is cold, as it feels quite thick. This design is apparently from the Oecusse region.


A few other designs to have a look at….





And the tais fabric is often made into other items for sale, like this flower and some of the Christmas decorations we had on our Christmas tree.