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The is the beach near where we live, it is just a five minute walk from our house.

It is a nice to place to stroll in the late afternoon, or for Sam to play on the beach.

The beach gives the area its name of “Pentai Kelapa” or Coconut beach, due to the number of coconut palms along the beach side road.

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Jason and Sam love buying coconuts fresh from the men with carts selling them by the side of the road. For a dollar they will chop off the top and add the straw and away we go. The are a bit nicer when they have been refrigerated first, but one of our favourite types of take away in Dili.

While we have been in Timor we have been making our own muesli for breakfast. A key ingredient is shredded coconut, which you can buy in the supermarket here for a crazy price, as it is imported from somewhere like Australia. But we have discovered the more natural way to buy it. First you need to head to the market and amongst the many stall, find the coconut man. The pile of coconuts on the table shows you where his stall is. These coconuts have already had their shell removed.

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The coconut man then starts up his shredding machine and the fun begins. As he feeds coconuts into the machine which shreds the flesh into small slivers of coconut, perfect for cooking. Sam loves watching this happen, except when he gets a bit of coconut flung in his eye or face. What a yummy bargain for fifty cents. We keep it in the freezer until we need it, in baking, for the museli or even into a curry.

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