Sitting on the front porch this morning with my lap top, wondering what i can blog about! I realised it is nearly two months since i added anything to our blog. Oops! Sorry!

Why? Well life has been busy, Sam and I have both been sick, Jase has been flying lots and the peculiarities of Timorese life are becoming more “normal” for us. The normality of life here makes it harder to find things to write about, unlike in our first few months here when everything was new and different. I guess this is a good sign, we are settling, this is place is feeling more like home, and we need to dig deeper to find things to reflect upon and write about.

So there I sit, writing emails and pondering a blog entry when this happens…. Our front yard suddenly contains several Timorese guys, who all greet me nicely and then one of them proceeds to climb our coconut tree! I find it interesting that he climbs with a rope in one hand and a machete in the other. Up he goes, cuts down a big bunch of coconuts, which are lowered to the ground with the rope to not injure the fruit, and down he climbs again.

P1090427small P1090426smallP1090430smallP1090433smallThe neighbours appear, the kids to watch the excitement and the others to collect the money for the coconuts, this is after all a small business opportunity. The men who collect the coconuts then walk the streets selling them to others for a higher price. And off they go, leaving my yard empty again.

These are the sorts of unpredictable and random things that happen each day in Timor.  It might be the coconut collectors, the next neighbours doing your gardening or chopping down your favorite tree. They are odd occurances, but one of the quirky joys of living and serving Christ in this place.