While those of you down south are freezing in wintery cold, the warm contines for us in Timor. While this is the cooler time of the year, i can honestly say i haven’t felt cool yet! Sam begins school holidays this Friday. Five weeks of my boy and i hanging out together. After being at school now for over three months, he is reading everything he can, writing all sorts of stories and wanting to use the lap top to type his words too. He easily counted to 100 the other day, which surprised me. He is eager to learn and is bounding along. So i don’t want to lose any of that ability or enthusiasm during five weeks of being home with mum.

While I am not going to do school all the time, I have found that a little preparation before hand does help me be a more creative, patient and fun Mum on holidays.

So I have spent the past few weeks researching, Pintresting, reading and looking for ideas to keep us having fun on our holidays. I have put together a bundle for Sam to do each day, a little bit on sight words, a maths page and something else. Maybe a maze, or a colour in page or a fact book about the week’s topic.

The rest of the printables have been put in a folder for the “what can i do now?” or “I’m bored!” There is a whole bundle of options for him to choose from!

So here’s some of our plans…. will it happen in reality? We’ll wait and see!

I have put together a couple of worksheets for him to do each day that revise basic reading, writing and numeracy skills. Just for fun i have added a theme to some
extra worksheets for the week which include Pirates, Space, Crazy Creatures (Monsters, aliens and robots), Animals and Dinosaurs. And all of these printables are free! You may need to join some mailing lists or create a login here and there… but the only cost for this fun is some paper and ink!

f5e9ee1b63d2d018433a47c97976224aWe have also started thinking about a bucket list of things Sam wants to do during his break. This page gives a good design to write it all down in. At the top of Sam’s list are making a volcano, going to the cinema and riding in a blue taxi. http://theteacherbag.com/2013/05/06/summer-bucket-list-and-a-sale/

Sight words

These two sets of sight words available from Teachers Pay Teachers, provide a way for Sam to revise his sight words, or as he calls them “magic” words. You can join this website for free and access a whole lot of teacher made resources. It’s a bit fiddley, but worth it for the things you can get access to.




Maths skills

title-mathI have used a lot of printables from 3 Dinsoaurs over the past few years with Sam. She has great Preschool units on letters and themes. I have printed off her unit on addition and patterns for Sam to do some Math stuff over the break.



original-1194023-1This worksheet from teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) works on different ways to add up to the number 10 and number 8. Not sure if this is at Sam’s level or not, but it looks fun! https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Freebie-Make-Ten-Worksheet-1194023

original-1695929-1Build a robot friend with shapes of different types.


Writing Practice

WritingPromptsPackReadWriteMom1Sam loves to write! In pen, textas, crayon and even on the computer! But i must admit i run out of ideas for him to write about sometimes. Here’s some fun pages to encourage writing and supplies some fun ideas of what to write about.


Colouring in pages

aeb6b5f769164887aafefa787d65118dThis is a great colouring page! Sam has done it already as he begged and pleaded when he saw it on the pile of print outs. This artist has similar pages of monsters, houses and robots which all look fun.


3bcffef61b4b60126d169d9244a01901Colour by numbers pages with a summer time theme



1fe30874d36fcfff4c0fb618c3053d19A free printable pack with a maze, colour by numbers, dot to dot and a spot the difference task.


These colouring pages make a great book about dinosaurs. When Sam was sick a few weeks ago with high fevers and general ickiness i had already printed these pages out in the hope of some holiday fun. Boy was it useful. In the moments when the Panadol was keeping the fever down and he was “bored” he coloured in these pages and eagerly took it to school when he was well again to show his teacher.



6fdeb01054031737bd4ea6cc74dd73ceHave you seen this website? While i find it hard to search for things on here, her page comes up lots on Pintrest links. This is a free mini book about the planets.


737c45186ac93833f9fbb40f305f3809Crazy Creatures – Monsters, Aliens and Robots

MonsterPrintableThis printable has outlines of monsters in all shapes and sizes that need features added to them. Googley eyes, drawing or pasting can help make these monsters come alive.


Animals of all shapes and sizes

Down-at-the-PondA set about life at the pond which includes a maze, traceable words and other fun activities.


Fun things


I found a link on Pintrest to this arty Mum’s website. She has some great ideas for arty projects for her kids. This page gives links to printables for drawing and arty fun. I have printed off the faces, the birthday cakes, the comic book proforma and the zentangle to try with Sam.



0f3e71a32bce6cd2637257f78bb1cea0This might be one of my most favourite new websites! With simple designs that encourage kids to finish the picture or describe something they imagine, Sam wanted to do this right away too! The pages are arranged in themes and have lots of ideas.


drawing-prompt-leaderCreate your own wacky creatures…. this is sort of like Mr Squiggle for kids, without the blackboard or pencil nose! (If you don’t know what i mean by this, it is a tv show we grew up watching)


colvol1Are your kids superhero crazy? My son is. Eventhough he has never seen an episode of any of these shows, he claims to love Spiderman and Superman etc. Here is a site where you can download outlines to make superhero puppets and a whole lot of other fun stuff.



Some people are so creative and clever! This guy makes paper cities and dinosaur lands that you can download, colour in and play with.


design-your-own-paper-doll-jen-goodeDecorating your own paper dolls sound like fun? Here’s a template to do just that… http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/62841/design-your-own-paper-dolls