It’s Saturday afternoon. Jason is snoozing. Sam is eating lollies and watching Planet Earth on DVD and I thought it was time i wrote a blog. It’s been awhile!

Our past week has been one of naps, movies and doing as little as possible. Days of using Netflix to entertain us with new movies or tv shows. Sam and i mostly enjoyed Marmaduke and Alvin and the chipmunks. Jason and i watched Roman Holiday. We all enjoyed some episodes of Plane Resurrection. Minimal cooking, just enough to ward off starvation and use up food items before they go bad. Cuddles with Sam during the day and night. A bed for each of us to sprawl out and enjoy. NO washing! Dishes when the pile gets big enough, but Jason and i have managed to share that joy between us. Household jobs have lapsed. Novels have been read at strange times of the day and night. Sam returned to school on Thursday and Friday, with a lunch order special treat for him on Friday.

Does it sound like an idyllic week to you? I guess that’s the power of words and perception isn’t it! We’ve enjoyed our quiet week, as one by one each member of our family got hit by a terrible sickness, contaminating us with fevers, aches and pains, headaches, sneezes, coughs and generally feeling revolting!

It began with Sam on Sunday evening, hit Kim on Monday and Jason on Tuesday! I was very thankful in the midst of feeling rotten though. Thankful our visitor is coming next week, not this week! Thankful all three pilots are back in Timor now, which makes Jason a little more relaxed about missing work due to illness. Thankful for the bus that picks Sam up from home and takes him to school. Thankful for three bedrooms, so we could all cough, sneeze, shiver and sweat during the night, without disturbing others. Thankful for cooler weather this week, which has made shivering under two blankets with fevers a little more tolerable. Thankful we had restocked the cold and flu tablets, nasal spray, vicks vaporub, children’s panadol when we were last in Australia. Thankful for spaghetti bolognaise sauce in the freezer. Thankful for chicken noodle soup and leftovers to eat. Thankful that i don’t have to wash clothes by hand all of the time, like i did on Saturday.

A few other things made our week of sickness a little worse. We have a blocked pipe leading away from the house which means using the washing machine, showering and doing the dishes need to spaced out to avoid flooding the bathroom AGAIN. The washing machine needs to be avoided, to avoid flooding the bathroom AGAIN. The plumber we called on Day 1, came to look at the pipes at the end of Day 2 and called at the end of Day 3 to say he didn’t think he could fix it. So i was thankful our illness was a coldy fevery bug and not a gastro one, with limited washing capabilities.

So today i handwashed clothes in the bathroom, sitting on the closed toilet lid, scrubbing clothes in one big basin and rinsing them under the shower head. We could spin them dry in the machine, without flooding the bathroom, so in this manner we have some clean clothes now. Jason’s uniform is clean for when he goes back to work. Jason has now tried several other techniques to solve the drainage issue, so we’ll see if that has been successful, or whether we need to try finding a more successful plumber.

About lunchtime, while i couldn’t make a decision about what to eat for lunch, we discovered the power was off on the big freezer AGAIN. This has happened once before, and thankfully both times we have discovered it fairly quickly… Today wasn’t quite quick enough though as the mince, tandoori chicken and beef schntizels on the top of the freezer were defrosted. So tandoori chicken went in pocket pita bread for lunch, schnitzels became the featured item for dinner tonight, and chicken mince will now feature on tomorrow’s menu…. not sure as what yet!

We are looking into getting the wiring in our house replaced as we’ve had some quirky happenings lately with powerpoints stopping from working and giving us small zaps through appliances. Thankfully Jason has grounded all the relevant powerpoints which has improved things significantly. So thankful for a handyman hubby!

A household of people with fevers is a funny thing. Last night after cooking in the kitchen and doing the dishes i was hot and bothered. I put the AC on and closed up the dining area to enjoy the AC there too. While we ate dinner i was enjoying the coolness and the cold water tasted oh so good! On the other side of the table, the men of the family, we were looking uncomfortably cold, asking “Do we really need the air conditioner on? I’m freezing!” Even with yourself the fever challenge is annoying one, feeling chilled and cold, i decided to make a cup of tea. Ironically, by the time i had boiled the kettle, made my tea and sat back down on the couch, i was feeling hot and hot tea wasn’t really what i wanted.

It’s now Monday and i better post this blog before it becomes too out of date! The landlord was able to tell us about where the pipes go, so we may have solved that problem! Sam is happily at school today with five objects that are special to him. Oh the balance of objects that are meaningful and ones you really want him taking to school…. Yikes! We’ll see what makes it home again. Jason got up and ready for work, then went back to bed for a nap, so we’ll see if he makes it to work today. The only one pressuring him to work is himself! And i am going to see if i can plan a lesson on the air and wind for Hera on Wednesday. Thanks for reading…. if you are one who prays, we would value your prayers for our health (Sam especially) and for sorting out the quirky traits of our house. Oh and the defrosted mince from the unplugged freezer made great sausage rolls for tea last night!