Sometimes you just have to stop and be thankful…. for the big and small…. after our week away to rest, recover and get new visas…

Grateful for a week away

Grateful for a week to swim, rest, eat out, high speed internet

Grateful that the hotel staff fixed the toilet seat that pinched every time you sat on it the day before we got tummy troubles

Grateful for the beauty that comes with greenery, leaves and tropical plants

Grateful that when we send out a request for prayer, people pray for us and with us.

Grateful for friends who understand this life we’re living and encourage us

Grateful for time with my family

Grateful for super good air conditioning, a comfortable bed and bargain prices

Grateful for friends who invite you over for dinner after a day of traveling

Grateful for believing friends for Sam who share Colin CDs and you hear them sitting in his room singing Sunday School songs as they build Lego

Grateful for our financial support statement that just arrived as i was typing this. Money given by people to support us and to partner with God’s work here

Grateful for people who taught me, mentored me, befriended me, were taught by me, colleagues, friends, people we have never even met and others who financially support us.

Grateful for Sam’s school and his teachers. For a school library, sports teachers and music teachers who he loves, and a canteen for special treats on tough days.

Grateful that we can get our house rewired this week.

Grateful that even though the power went off again while we were away last week, the mess and food to be thrown out is minimal this time. Grateful that i left my medication that needs refrigeration with a friend and not in our fridge on this trip.

Grateful for a landlord and colleagues who kept an eye on our house while we were away.